Why I started sewing.


She is the reason I started to sew. And pinterest… Oh, pinterest. For the most part, I was just a pinner. Pinning everything that caught my eye and not actually doing any of the crafts that were contained in the tiny pins. But one in particular got me motivated….



The Party Dress Free Pattern: Re-release!

I was also in luck, because Lindsay over at Cottage Mama had just updated and re-released this free pattern! With Easter just around the corner, I was determined to make Bitty’s first Easter Dress. I started by making a trial garment since I had never actually followed a sewing pattern of any kind. So another pin was utilized. Shwin Designs Maggie Mae



Isn’t that the most adorable thing you have ever seen?!? A little big, but the adorable baby wearing it makes up for that! I look at it now and can’t believe how much I have grown as a seamstress, though not as much as my little girl has grown in the last 2.5 years!

Regardless of it being a little big, I now felt confident enough to start the real thing. And of course I couldn’t forget something for Bud.

I still love that dress! For Buddy, I used Little Lizard Kings Reversible Vest Pattern: http://littlelizardking.com/product/reversible-vest-pattern/  and for the pants I used Made Everydays free basic pants pattern that is available in size 2-3, which was just what I needed! http://www.madeeveryday.com/2008/07/tutorial-and-pattern-kid-pants-the-basic-pants.html  I used the flat front tutorial and a little pinterest reasearch to add front pockets, because what kid doesn’t love pockets! They were the cutest in their momma made outfits!

2.5 years later, I have had the opportunity to test a few sewing patterns, which is another reason behind the blog. I help designers perfect their patterns and then share my beautiful finished creations. Most recently I finished my 5th testing round with Sew Like My Mom and the re-do of here very first pdf pattern the Dainty Darling, and I just love the way it turned out!


Isn’t she just the cutest in that strawberry dress! Armed with a new camera from this past Christmas, thanks to a very supportive husband, I have been working on my photography skills to help capture all the small moments while my children are growing, This has come in very handy with getting great pictures of these patterns that I test.

So now you know why I started sewing, and can see how far I have come. I plan to test more frequently once I have a larger sewing space and a little more free time once I am no longer working full time. Plus I will have a new little one to sew for soon!


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