Vivie Dress by Blaverry

Blaverry isn’t new to PDF pattern designing, but they are new to me. I was recently given the chance to sew up the newly updated Vivie and capture the creation to share with you today!


The pattern’s most obvious update is that she now comes with sleeve options, 3 in fact. So along with sleeveless, there is short sleeve which I sewed up, half sleeve, and long sleeve. Less obvious updates are in the pattern and help you pick the size that is perfect for the person you are sewing for.


• clickable table of contents
• now 3 new sleeve lengths to choose from
• more size and garment finished measurements
• new pattern nesting for easier size blending
• instructions on how to properly select your size(s)
• instructions on how to blend sizes
• printable page to record measurements and notes
• printable design/coloring page for you and/or your kids
• re-designed pattern pieces for easier size blending

My favorite part is the printable page to record your child’s measurements with addition space for notes! It’s the small things…


Those pockets! I love inseam pockets, and they are extremely easy. Christie’s instructions are clear and to the point, yet thorough. What kid doesn’t love pockets.


For this dress, I was looking for something clean and modern, so I headed to my favorite fabric store in Fargo, Modern Textiles. With a little help I left with this vibrant Cotton and Steel and some dreamy chambray. As the dress came together, I was seeing something a little less modern… First, all I could see was that it was starting to look like a pickle. Yes, a pickle. It wasn’t just the pregnancy talking because Hubby saw it too. Second was a 50’s house dress. I don’t think it was the pattern, but more the fabric. Luckily that played to my favor and the idea for this train depot photo shoot evolved!


I paired the dress with this cute hat I found on sale at Shopko and the suitcases from my great aunt Eileen, and I am very happy with how my first “styled photo shoot” went.


Regardless of the temps hitting 90 and the high humidity, Miss Bitty was a trooper! This picture on the stacked suitcases was exactly as I had envisioned! Getting this shot makes the whole awkwardness of me dragging 2 kids, 2 suitcases, and my camera down Main Street in downtown Fargo on a busy day, just a little bit less awkward and totally worth it!

I will be honest and tell you that buttons are about my least favorite when it comes to details. I love the look, just hate the process. Stitch the button hole, cut the button hole, fray check cut button hole. AND, that is only half the battle. Then, you have to sew the buttons, bring the thread to the back, tie the threads, and fray check the cut threads. It’s tedious, but necessary for a strong button.  But it was all worth it! All 13, they were worth it. Luckily, I am able to get this dress on Miss Bitty by opening just the top 2 and slipping it over her head.




A little more detail on the pattern itself can be found on Blaverry’s website, Listed below is a bit of detail taken from the site.


Sizes 2t-16y

Immediate download

SKILL LEVEL: advanced beginner

PATTERN: dress

FEATURES: shirt style, contrast front button placket, collar and collar stand,  sleeveless, invisible side seam pockets, mid thigh length, bodice darts at waist

• Unique color/grade line styles for each size
• Layered pattern: select a size(s)
• Detailed imperial/metric fabric charts
• Detailed instructions
• Digital illustrations
• Patterns include industry standard 1cm (3/8”) seam allowances.
• GREAT customer support


For different takes on Vivie, watch the following blogs for upcoming posts!

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Watch for my next post, as I will show you Vivie in a whole new light, Era even! Here’s a sneak peek…






14 thoughts on “Vivie Dress by Blaverry

  1. You had the perfect model. She is a natural! 🙂 I love the whole vintage look. A pickle? Hardly. It is an adorable dress.


  2. I am so in love with what you did with Vivie. The bright yellow (or is it chartreuse?) and blue chambray are so cheerful.

    For your first styled shoot, you sure look like a pro. And even though toting those suitcases around with 2 kiddos was, I’m sure, a pain, that pic of her on top of the two looking down at the coin is priceless! It melts my heart.

    Thanks for sharing. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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