Darling Daisy by Sew Like My Mom

I have been testing sewing patterns for a while, but life got busy and I hadn’t been doing as many because I wasn’t always able to get pictures that really showcased the item that I had made. I always thought that the camera made the pictures, which to a point yes, but it really is what you do with the camera you have. I mentioned briefly in my first post that my gift this past Christmas was a new dslr camera, the Nikon D3300. I will say, that my pictures definitely improved after using this camera, but the more I have used it the more I have learned. Anyways, on to the dress! 


I just love the way this dress turned out with this adorable Koko Lee fabric from Joanns! Those berries are perfect for summer. The blue fabric is from Joanns as well, and perfectly compliments the berry print. I love everything about it! I also love that I am now able to get the pictures that I want to show you all this unbelievably adorable dress.


I have tested quite a few patterns from Sew Like My Mom, but this might just be my favorite. The Darling Daisy was Melissa’s first pdf pattern and was recently update! It is such a quick sew and turns out an adorable little dress. The best part is that it now comes with 5 different variations.

Little miss loves the twirl factor that comes with view c, which I made. The tiers in this version are perfect for mixing fabrics and playing with different prints. DSC_0205-Recovered

As I said earlier, a good camera doesn’t automatically = great pictures. As much as I still love this picture, it isn’t where I want it to be. So many of the beautiful details in the dress are lost because my shutter speed was too slow…


I think here face shows her thoughts on the dress!!!


Seriously, how sweet is this dress! I also love that is just slips over the head and has no real front for back, perfect for stubborn independent little almost three year olds… If you want to make one of your own, head on over to Melissa’s site or check out her etsy page. While you are at it, check out her other great patterns. I also recently tested the Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings. Both are worth checking out! Oh, and did I mention that I love this dress? 



The independent little miss almost three year old sporting her Posey Tunic and Peony Leggings!


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