Baby Isla’s Infinity Pattern by Simple Life Pattern Co

Simple Life Pattern Company finally released their Baby Isla’s pattern! This pattern is seriously packed with options. It can be made as a peplum top or a dress. It has the options of a straight or curved bodice with the curved bodice giving you a high low hemline. You can do a circle skirt or gathered. The gathered skirt is nice because you then have the option of using woven fabrics. Then there is the back. That heart! I can’t believe how good it looks and that I made it! This pattern really makes it easy and is quite clever with the construction. If you prefer a quick pattern sans heart, there are instructions for that as well!  And not to be forgotten, the sleeves. Let’s see if I get them all. 1. Sleeveless 2. Flutter 3. Short Sleeve 4. Short Sleeve with Flutter 5. 3/4 Sleeve 6. 3/4 Sleeve with Flutter 7. 3/4 Sleeve with Ruffle 8. Long Sleeve with Flutter 9. Long Sleeve with Ruffle. Is that enough for options? Well there are more! You can do double ruffles or ruffles and flutters AND the ruffles can be circle or gathered. Oh and I almost forgot the bodice ruffles!

Are you starting to get why this was named Isla’s Infinity…


With all of these options, you can easily fill a closet with this pattern without repeating options!dsc_0510

What I have learned from testing patterns for Little Miss is that babies are hard to photograph! My props to professionals!


I ended up with tons of Bruce Lee poses! Ha


Once you see it, you can’t un-see it!

Since babies are so squirmy, I traced around a pair of baby leggings and made a quick pair of pants with some loose weave sweater knit and stitched on a yoga waistband and it paired perfectly with this dress.


This pattern is definitely worth checking out! It comes in 2 size groups and can be purchased individually or bundle for a discount.

Newborn-2 – 2-12 – Newborn & 2-12

All patterns available from SLPco can be found here. Not good at picking fabric, or don’t have easy access? SLPco offers fun “Get the Look” kits and include a digital pattern and the fabric needed to get that look! How fun is that?! Here are a few looks they offer.

Also check out the SLPco Facebook page for more inspiration here.


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