Boho Tunic by Peach Patterns


I know I probably say how much I love each pattern that I test, but this one is definitely a top contender!! I love how well this pattern is written and how beautifully it goes together. It is such a cute design and has options to keep me coming back to this pattern every season! I made 2 versions during testing. Not because there were problems or changes made that needed to be retested, but because I love it. I even have fabric ready for a Thanksgiving dress for Miss 3!

I think it is pretty clear how Austyn feels about it!

This was actually my second version. Version one is a cute pink and bicycle tunic that I just adore.

I am in love with this fabric! I bought a remnant at Joanns and have never found the right project for it. I let Little Miss pick the fabric she wanted and this was her choice. I was both excited and sad. Excited to see it become something and sad to use it and no longer have it. Unless you sew and buy fabric, you probably don’t get it. lol. I am so glad that she picked it! It is perfect for this pattern. It is playful and laid back.

The details on the bodice are well thought out and result in a beautiful finished garment.


Before attaching my sleeves, I snapped a picture of inside the bodice. No raw edges around the neck or shoulders!

For my sewing readers, the details:

boho_tunic_largeboho_tunic_sze_chrt-_fin_meas-_yardage_largeThe pattern comes in 2 lengths (tunic and dress) and 4 sleeves (sleeveless, short, bell, and long). The pattern includes child measurements as well as finished measurements to help you pick the right size. It includes sizes 1-12 and has a longer back closure on sizes 1 & 2 to accomadate dressing small little girls. The bodice detail gives you plenty of opportunity to embelish and really make each Boho unique! Marina of Peach Patterns really has put together a great pattern and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

For the critics: The sleeves are not on the fold and asymmetrical. The front and back bodice are different with different curves. The pattern is layered to allow for printing just the size(s) you want. Bodice has raw edges at armscye and where skirt attaches. Pattern has clear illustrated imaged vs pictures. Seam allowance included is 3/8″ with 1/2″ side seams.

You can find more tester pictures in the Peach Patterns Sewing Group on Facebook as well as searching instagram for #peachpatterns and #bohotunic

The pattern can be purchased here on UpCraft Club now through Wednesday (11/23/16)  on  sale for $7.95. After that it will be full price of $9.95 and also available through Peach Patterns Etsy Shop here. You will not be disappointed.

Now, picture overload!


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