Grow With Me – The Fitted Crib Quilt by Rachel Rossi Designs

I’m still here! I have been soaking up the final weeks of my maternity leave before returning to work tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s already been 12 weeks! Everly is growing by the day. Soon she will be moving into the crib, which is currently in toddler bed form for Miss 3, and handmade bedding was on my to-do list. Rachel Rossi Designs to the rescue! She has created a quilt pattern that is also a fitted crib cover. The design is truly ingenious!


Safety of course was kept in mind when designing this pattern since loose blankets and quilts in the crib are not recommended. The top is pieced like a quilt, then layered with a middle and backing, then quilted just like any quilt. Then the corners are formed to wrap around the mattress and a casing is formed for the elastic. The finished quilt wraps nicely around the mattress and is a nice snug fit.  Surprisingly, this went together rather quickly. I mean, 8 hours for a quilt isn’t bad in my opinion (plus I’m a beginner.) The fact that there isn’t binding speeds things up.

Or if you don’t have a need for a crib quilt, you can quilt and bind just as you would any quilt. It is the perfect size to fit the top of a twin bed, or a nice lap quilt.

For a beginner quilter, I found this pattern so easy to follow! It goes together beautifully and looks amazing in the end!


If you do make the fitted crib quilt version and your not so little anymore baby has now outgrown the crib, you can easily cut the edges off all around and bind and you have a wonderful keepsake!

Get the quilt for yourself while it’s on sale for only $3 (through 12/23/16) here.

Glad to see I’m not the only one with bite marks on our crib!!

Quilt Specifics-

Level: Advanced Beginner—Intermediate

Fabric Requirements:

• Background (Pink): 2-3/4 yards

• Ribbon 1 (Navy): 1/4 yard

• Ribbon 2 (Navy Triangles): 1/4 yard

• Ribbon 3 (Navy Polka Dots): 1/4 yard • Ribbon 4 (Coral): 1/4 yard

• Back: 2 yards (45″ wide)

• Flannel (optional if you’d like to add some weight. Do not use batting for the fitted crib quilt): 2 yards

• Elastic: 60″ of 1/2″ wide elastic



Rotary Cutter | Rotary Mat | Quilting Ruler | Sewing Machine | Matching Thread | Pins | Iron | Scissors | Erasable Fabric Marker


Teddy was my happy model, and I think he did a great job!


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