String Art – Part 2: Step-by-step Tutorial

So if you are joining from my previous post, this is what you have so far, or you know something like this since you probably aren’t doing MY anniversary date! Ha




Now you need to grab your tools. These are what I used and they seem to work well, and are cheap, so that’s a plus!

Crochet Thread (I used red and white for this project.)

18g Wire Nails (I used 3/4″ and like this length.)

Tacky Glue

Needle Nose Pliers


That’s it really! This is a craft that is actually cheap, not one of those “why buy it when you can make it yourself for $96 in craft supplies” kind of crafts!


I finished my last post by taping my design to my board. It was easy to line up the first page with the corner of the board because I know it was all square from the design studio. If you didn’t follow along from my previous post, tape your design down where you’d like.

Grab those needle nose pliers, really, your fingers will thank me!


Using them to hold your nail, work a nail into each little circle of your design. Go left to right or right to left or however it works best, just make sure to go around each part of your design.

One thing I didn’t pay attention to when creating my “stencil” in the silhouette studio was that it was putting nails in each of the corners. The top of the 6 didn’t, so I adjusted to my liking.


I had a little help along the way…


After you have worked around the entire design you will need to pull up the paper and remove any bits left behind.


Once you have it all done it will look something like this…

Kind of neat just like this! Maybe try your nails closer together for a different look by leaving off the thread!

Now grab your string. Start with a knot and loop it around an outside nail. I keep the tail long so that I can tie my end piece to it.


Next work around each nail by wrapping the thread around once, then moving to the next nail.

Once you get back to you knot, wrap around it once, then pull your thread to a nail across and wrap then continue until your design is filled in. For my numbers, I outlined the outside, then jumped to an inside nail and outline the centers of my 6, 9, and 10.

There is no right way or wrong way. Make a pattern or do it completely random as I have. I did try to keep everything pretty even, but I tried not to move in an obvious pattern for mine.


I like to finish at my beginning thread and tie off with the original tail. Clip the end and move on.


I used tacky glue to hide my tails. Start with a dot of glue at your knot, then pull a tail over to the closest nail. Put a dot of glue where the string hits that nail head.

Wrap the thread around the nail and then clip it close to the nail head. I used my fingernail to push the remaining bit under the head and hide it.

Ta-Da!! It really is that easy.




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